Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov: Such is Fame!

ANTON CHEKHOV – The passenger of the first class, who had just finished dinner, in the railway station, was a trifle drowsy; he lay down upon the velvet sofa, stretched himself out with a grunt […]

Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo)

Koizumi Yakumo / Lafcadio Hearn: Horai

KOIZUMI YAKUMO / LAFCADIO HEARN – Blue vision of depth lost in height,—sea and sky interblending through luminous haze. The day is of spring, and the hour morning. Only sky and sea,—one azure enormity… In the […]

Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield: The Wind Blows

KATHERINE MANSFIELD — Suddenly—dreadfully—she wakes up. What has happened? Something dreadful has happened. No—nothing has happened. It is only the wind shaking the house, rattling the windows, banging a piece of iron on the roof […]

Autori e Lettori Vari

Georg Brandes: Why should we read?

GEORG BRANDES – A few years ago several European newspapers offered prizes for a list of the best one hundred books for a first-class library. The answers poured in: the Bible and “Robinson Crusoe,” Homer […]

D. H. Lawrence

Giovanni Verga / Lawrence: Liberty

GIOVANNI VERGA / (Lawrence) – They unfurled a red-white-and-green handkerchief from the church-tower, they rang the bells in a frenzy, and they began to shout in the village square, “Hurray for liberty!” Like the sea in […]

Arthur Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer: On Books and Reading

ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER — (§ 290) Ignorance is degrading only when found in company with riches. The poor man is restrained by poverty and need: labor occupies his thoughts, and takes the place of knowledge. But rich men […]

O. Henry

O. Henry: The Memento

O. HENRY – The window of Miss D’Armande’s room looked out onto Broadway and its theatres. But Lynette D’Armande turned her chair round and sat with her back to Broadway. She was an actress, and […]

James Joyce

James Joyce: After the Race

JAMES JOYCE – The cars came scudding in towards Dublin, running evenly like pellets in the groove of the Naas Road. At the crest of the hill at Inchicore sightseers had gathered in clumps to […]

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