The strength of craft in Liguria

Confartigianato Liguria - selver medal

Genoa | In a period of health emergency linked to the coronavirus pandemic, crafts in Liguria marked a slight growth, with a balance of 238 micro and small businesses more between April and June 2020.

According to the latest Infocamere-Movimprese data, in the second quarter of the year, regional crafts reached 42,977 companies, up half a percentage point, partially recovering the 0.6% decline recorded in the first quarter. Nationally, the growth trend is 0.47%.

In the second quarter of 2019, there were 43,194 artisanal enterprises in Liguria, with 905 registrations and 974 cancellations, while in Genoa there were 22,149 (479 entries and 638 cancellations), Imperia 7,086 (155, 100), La Spezia 5,238 (118, 78) and Savona 8,721 (153, 158). In the second quarter of 2020 we see a decline in enrolments but also a collapse in cancellations. In Liguria, with 695 start-ups and 457 cancelled, there are 42,977 active companies, in Genoa 21,873 (386 registered, 276 cancelled), Imperia 7,181 (96.46), La Spezia 5,213 (87, 60) and Savona 8,710 (126, 75).

Confartigianato Liguria - President Giancarlo Grasso
Giancarlo Grasso, president of Confartigianato Liguria

“These are comforting numbers – points out Giancarlo Grasso, president of Confartigianato Liguria – artisans are resisting, trying not to frustrate the efforts made in creating their business, their dream of a lifetime. But without structural interventions and concrete aid, we have a concern that many of them will not be able to overcome the difficulties.”

The regional manufacturing figure was positive: with 6,952 active micro-enterprises, the sector grew by 0.5%, the result of 103 new openings and 70 business closures. Construction also increased, with 20,777 in the region: 363 new openings in the quarter, 183 closures. The balance is positive of 180 units, up 0.86%. At the national level, the increase is less marked: by 0.12% and 0.77% respectively.

Crafts in the 4 provinces of Liguria

For the provinces, Genoa, which has the largest number of active micro-enterprises, 21,873, grew by 0.5%, in line with the regional trend: 386 openings and 276 business closures, or 110 more units. The 3,602 manufacturing companies remained almost unchanged in the quarter (54 openings versus 50 closures), while construction, 10,370 micro-enterprises, grew by 81 units: 189 new openings and 108 terminations (up 0.8%).

The micro and small businesses in Savona, 8,710, recorded an increase of 0.6%: 126 new companies opened in the quarter and 75 closures (51). Growth was recorded in both 1,368 micro-enterprises of manufacturing (19 openings, 8 closures, 0.6%), and in construction: 4,383 total companies, 64 openings, 30 closures (0.77%).

At Imperia 50 more micro-enterprises in the quarter: 96 openings, 46 closures, for a total of 7,181 active companies at the end of June. The trend is positive by 0.7%. Manufacturing, 1,008 active companies, grew by 7 units (12 openings and 5 closures, 0.7%), construction recorded a 1.3%: 71 new openings, 20 terminations, for a total of 3,868 realities of the sector.

La Spezia, which counts on the 5,213 micro-enterprises of total crafts, recorded an increase in the quarter of 0.5%, the result of 87 new openings and 60 closures in the province. The manufacturing figure is positive of 1.1% (18 openings and 7 closures out of a total of 974 micro-enterprises), as well as that of construction, which grew by 14 units: 39 openings, 25 closures, out of a total of 2,156 craftsmen active (0.64%).

N. 5/2020 | 25 July 2020