Savona, young families: the need for economic security is growing

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Savona | In an economic context that is affected by the effects of the pandemic, the need for safety of Italians is growing: according to 42% of the inhabitants of Savona, insurance solutions are a form of protection that can offer a better future to their family, especially in the case of young couples, who can find a way to invest their resources financially and protect themselves , also economically, from unforeseen events related to, for example, health problems or damage caused to others in everyday life.

This is the figure that emerges from the Sara Insurance Observatory, the official insurer of the ACI, through a CAWI survey conducted by the Research Institute Nextplora on a representative sample of the Italian population by age, gender and geographical quotas.

Younger families often have a less stable financial and income condition, so especially for them it becomes even more important, in this context, the management of family budgets: for one in three Savonese (38%) The most important thing is to carefully plan the expenses and investments to be undertaken, followed by the setting a cap for the different types of expenditure (32%) and monitor current account flows continuously (18%).

The crisis triggered by the Covid-19 has in fact contributed to increasing the pessimism around the future of these families that even before the arrival of the pandemic seemed very uncertain to more than one in four Savonese (28%), primarily due to economic and working factors, marked in particular by precariousness and unemployment.

Recently, the OECD highlighted that Italy has suffered a serious setback on its working fabric from the pandemic and predicts a possible peak of 12.4% unemployment at the end of 2020. Young people, women and the precarious are particularly affected by this picture. And the extraordinary survey of Italian households conducted by the Bank of Italy between April and May also points out that more than half of the population has suffered a contraction in family income.

Faced with the feeling of fragility and uncertainty prevailing at the moment, in the management of liquidity and in economic planning and investment to prevail for these families are needs that, valid for all, have always affected them in a particular way: security (28%), and therefore the reduction of risks in the administration of resources, and the possibility of containing as much as possible costs (12%) , to prevent them from absorbing a large share of their income.

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N. 6/2020 | August 1, 2020