Savona: work in progress for the recovery of Villa Zanelli

Savona - Villa Zanelli

Savona | The start of work on the recovery and enhancement of Villa Zanelli, an Art Nouveau jewel of the early twentieth century, was presented at the Priamar in Savona. The recovery of Villa Zanelli has been included in the requests for state funding of the so-called “Bando periferie” (suburbs).

Regione Liguria, making available the resources of the Regional Strategic Fund, has allowed to anticipate the construction time and fully financed the design to start, through Ire and in agreement with the offices of the Municipality and the Superintendent, the recovery projects that concern the property owned by Arte Genova. The competition was concluded on 28 May and led to the award of the Temporary Association of Enterprises consisting of CESAG Ltd, Crocco Emanuele Ltd and Restoration Centre Ltd.

The total funding amounts to 6 million and 663,847 euros of which 4 million and 855,787 are based on the suburbs call and the remaining 1,441,397 euros between strategic fund made available by the Regione Liguria and self-financing of ARTE Genoa. The work will be completed in November 2021. The project drawn up by IRE with the intention of tearing down one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Savona, surrounded by a large park a few steps from the sea, consists of three levels: restoration of facades and interiors, new destinations for use of the villa’s environments, recovery of the historic park.

There has been no lack of political controversy, but according to the mayor of the city Ilaria Caprioglio “along with the smart redevelopment of Via Nizza” is “an intervention expected for years by the City of Savona that, finally, comes to fruition with the opening of both construction sites. A great example of synergy between administrations and between public and private.”

The project plans to identify, recover and then maintain, enhancing them, the numerous elements of the structure such as floors, fixtures, ceilings and windows, original objects of great artistic value. To ensure a recovery of the villa was carried out a complete campaign of structural investigations using modern building diagnostic techniques.

N. 6/2020 | August 1, 2020