Liguria: election on Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September 2020

Regione Liguria Palace in Genoa
The Palace of Regione Liguria in Piazza De Ferrari, the main square of Genoa

Genoa | The president of Regione Liguria Giovanni Toti signed the decree setting the date of the next regional elections on Sunday 20 and Monday 21 September.

The decree signed by president Toti, which will be communicated to the Minister of the Interior, the four Ligurian prefects, the presidents of the courts and the mayors of the region, establishes the allocation of the 24 seats of the Ligurian Legislative Assembly among the constituencies of Liguria. The 24 seats, out of a total of 30 total of the Legislative Assembly, represent four-fifths of the regional councillors who are allocated to the constituencies in proportion to the population of 1,570,694 in Liguria.

The seats will be divided: 13 in the Genoa constituency, which has 855,834 inhabitants, 3 in the Imperia constituency with 214,502 inhabitants, 4 in the constituency of Spezia with 219,330 inhabitants and 4 in Savona, which has 281,028 inhabitants. This assignment was made on the basis of the population census as of 9 October 2011.

The awarding of the remaining fifth of the councillors, equal to six seats, acts as a majority/governability prize in cases where the group or groups of lists, linked to the candidate For President of the regional Giunta proclaimed elected, have obtained a number of seats ranging from nine to eighteen: in this case, that quota is allocated, in whole or in part, to that group or to those groups of lists; above the eighteen seats, obtained by the group or groups of lists in support of the candidate President of the regional Giunta proclaimed elected, the quota is allocated to the group or groups of lists not linked to the proclaimed presidential candidate elected.

The new regional electoral law has introduced rules for gender equality and gender parity in electoral lists. The voter may have up to two preferences and, in this case, they must relate to candidates of different sexes, subject to the annulment of the post-first preference. A 60% limit will be introduced for same-sex applicants in the formation of regional lists in order to ensure adequate representation of both sexes.

N. 5/2020 | 25 July 2020