Creative Soils: in Albenga eleventh edition for “Terreni Creativi” festival

Albenga - Creative Soils festival - al doum and the faryds

Albenga | Eleventh edition for “Terreni Creativi” (Creative Soils), the multidisciplinary festival conceived, directed and organized by Kronoteatro on the farms of Albenga. Supported by MIBAC (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities), the Municipality of Albenga, the Liguria Region, the De Mari Foundation and numerous private sponsors, this year will be held in an “emergency reduction” in two evenings, both scheduled at the BioVio Biological Farm (Massaretti Region, Bastia d’Albenga) on August 1 and 2.

Winner of the Nico Garrone Prize in 2016 and the Critical Network Award for Best Communication Project in 2017, this year the festival has as its title “Scàmpati”, “which carries in itself a double meaning: on the one hand, having suffered, like everyone, a painful backlash and came out of it bruised and disoriented, but no less combative, on the other hand in reference to the Ligurian dialect, where ‘scàmpati’ means ‘have fun, have a good time’. Once again, we want, already from the title, to declare our nature and our intent: to look at the horizons farther away, without forgetting about our territory”, says the theatre association.

Two evenings, one company, many rules. The health emergency has made it inevitable to change the now classic and winning recipe of the event: the evening will start at 21, so dinner will not be served. The evenings will be, therefore, organized: two performances in the evening (a dance performance and a theatrical performance) interspersed with live music, for whose programming Kronoteatro makes use of the professionalism of Rock’n’Roll robots and Riviera Gang Crew.

The evening of Saturday, August 1st will open at 9 p.m. with the first part of the musical intervention of Luigi Ranghino, pianist and composer appreciated in Italy and abroad. At 21.45 Purple by the artist Simona Bertozzi, a studio of italian materials assembled for the occasion of his presence in Albenga. At 22.10 the last part of the musical interlude and, following, at 22.30, Babylon Theatres with “Calcinculo” (swing ride), a show in which music and theatre dialogue with each other to photograph ours today.

The second and final evening of the festival, Sunday 2 August, will open at 9 p.m. with music by Al Doum & The Faryds, mixing Arabic and African music with psychedelic rhythms. At 21.45 Primitiva (primitive) by Manfredi Perego, a journey within the oldest perception of itself the animal and at the same time impulsive and fragile. At 22.10 the second part of the musical intervention and, following, at 22.30, the debut of the Love Maniacs with Seat the Earth, a new work designed expressly for Creative Soils, starting from the desire to attack as soon as possible some themes today incandescent: the sense of community, the interdependence of individuals, the relationship between generations.

In order to avoid gatherings at the entrance, the online pre-sale of tickets will be mandatory and exclusive ( and will be indicated a call time for which the maximum punctuality is required. In addition, due to the social distance, the maximum capacity of the festival area will be limited and access will take place after measuring body temperature. Each spectator must be equipped with a mask.

“Despite the difficulties of implementation imposed by the safety protocols and the serious economic crisis that the companies supporting the festival are experiencing, we strongly wanted this edition of Creative Soils. Although with a smaller program and a necessarily less convivial format, we believe that it is important to give a political sign of presence and resistance, both to the community that we have managed to create on our territory, and to the national sector. It will be a different ‘Terreni Creativi’, but no less interesting. Let’s hold on and think about what our 2021 festival will look like,” they say from Kronoteatro.

N. 4/2020 | 18 July 2020