Christmas 2020: Banksy exhibition in Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure - Nella Mazzoni - Restless night - Banksy

Finale Ligure | Last night, inside the Fortress of Castelfranco, the evening dedicated to the award of the “Premio Inquieto dell’Anno” to the street artist Banksy, organized by the Circolo degli Inquieti (restlesses) of Savona.

The evening, very crowded, reserved a great surprise: thanks to a collector who intends to remain anonymous, Finale Ligure will host from 26 December to 6 January, at the Aycardi Theatre, an exhibition of Banksy’s original works. The announcement was made yesterday by the president of the Circle, Nella Mazzoni, by the president of the Cultural Association E20, Roberto Grossi, who organizes the Forza 8 exhibition of which the evening was part, from the city councillor for Culture, Pierpaolo Cervone.

Not only works by the street artist will be exhibited, but also objects collected in years of passion. Councillor Cervone expressed great satisfaction, it is, he said, “a great opportunity for the city, which thus comes to expand its cultural offer, through the exhibition of the works of one of the greatest living street artist. It should be given credit to the two associations that have come together and have identified on the occasion of the Restless Award of the Year to the English street artist the opportunity to host a great exhibition dedicated to him”.

It is a moment of great notoriety of the artist who continues to ‘hit’ with his works in London, England and the rest of the world, with interventions that ask the observer to question the reality: Banksy’s work has always used irony and poetry to emphasize obvious distortions of society.

Around his work, over the years, in addition to a notoriety that continues to expand, thanks also to his way of acting: perfectly organized and documented actions through videos that are then disseminated on his site and through social channels, and especially thanks to the fact that no one knows for sure who is really the artist, or the collective of artists that gathers under the name Banksy, a form of tourism has also come to grow, which involves visiting the places where his works are located.


The theme of the year 2020 identified by the Circolo degli Inquieti is the restlessness and the journey and certainly the testimonies of his works in Europe, Italy, France, England, etc. in the United States, the West Bank, Mali, and everywhere in the world, make Banksy the Restless of the Year par excellence.

Eleonora De Vecchi, museum curator, then led the evening illustrating the work and personality of the artist, through images of his works and clips of documentaries and films made by the street artist.

The president of the Circle then reported that the artist was warned of the award and that in addition to the motivation he was sent the Restless of the Year award, the terracotta squire pot, in the form of 3D files. Laura Bertolino of the Circolo degli Inquieti has therefore briefly shown the realization of the pot in 3D, through the vision of the ‘prototype’ made by Luminous Bees – – a start-up among the few in the world that deals with Aerial Media Arts, construction of drones and design of light choreography.


The evening ended with the goodbye to next Friday, July 24, at 21:30 at the Fortress of Castelfranco, for the award of the Inquietus Celebration Prize to Paolo Rumiz, writer and journalist and to Daniele Ventola, young anthropologist who left two years ago on foot from Venice to retrace the Silk Road that leads from the Venetian city to Beijing. The longest-term appointment will be from 26 December to 6 January instead, at the Aycardi Theatre for the Banksy exhibition. And who knows that the artist does not decide to give a nod of his presence.

N. 4/2020 | 18 July 2020