Alassio shopping streets reach the French Riviera

Alassio shopping streets

Alassio | In the beating heart of Slow Food, the hotel of the Pollenzo Agency, right next to the University of Taste, was held the first coordination of the realities that have joined the project of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Nice “10 Municipalities”.

The protocol, signed last January – explains Fabio Macheda, City Councillor for Commerce of the Municipality of Alassio – “aims to promote the peculiarities of our city on the French Riviera, the Côte d’Azur, through the channels of the Chamber of Commerce”.

In the meantime, a pocket-sized guide has already been printed and will be distributed in tourist info points throughout the French Riviera and, thanks to the work of the developers of Advera Group, and the collaboration with CNA Cuneo has been published the site ( and soon also the app ‘Visitez l’Italie’ that collects destinations and advice – in French – on where to stay, eat and what activities to do, following some proximity tourist itineraries.

In the project are involved with Alassio the municipalities of Genoa, Imperia and La Spezia (Liguria), Cuneo and Bra (Piedmont). “With its longest outdoor shopping centre in Europe – over a thousand shops, public establishments and beaches always open – Alassio, a seaside resort of excellence, will now also be the Ligurian ambassador of the shopping streets in the Land of France” comments Macheda. “There are two objectives that we have set ourselves: to intercept the flows that from Nice Airport transit to the Italian cities of art (Genova, Florence, Rome) for a stop in our city to discover the excellence of local food and wine and shopping; and frontier tourism, addressing our ‘French cousins’ who will choose Alassio as the destination of their relaxation. In this sense, even the last piece of the transfer of the weekly city market in the center will help to attract new flows in the sign of a typical flavors and products that only in Italy can be the rule”.

Last Saturday was in fact the last weekly market that took place on the Via Pera and along the Via Gastaldi. As announced in the City Council by the Councillor in charge of Commerce Fabio Macheda, by the end of July the weekly market will return to Piazza Pacini, that is from today.

N. 4/2020 | 18 July 2020