Alassio: a city art gallery to rediscover Carlo Levi

Alassio Carlo Levi Art Gallery - documents

Alassio | The Levi Art Gallery expanded its opening hours throughout the summer season, from 5pm to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays until September 20.

“It is a small jewel set on the Bay of Alassio – recalls the Councilor in charge of the Culture of the Municipality of Alassio, Paola Cassarino – that few know but that I consider an extraordinary artistic richness for our city. Perhaps many people are unaware that Carlo Levi was not only a famous senator of our Republic and the author of ‘Christ Stopped at Eboli’, but also an extraordinary painter, who here, in Alassio, made some really inspired canvases. These works are now in the sixteenth-century Palazzo Morteo, located between the lights of the shops of the Budello of Alassio and the beach”.

Alassio Carlo Levi Art Gallery
The Levi Art Gallery in Palazzo Morteo, Alassio

The small and precious gallery welcomes twenty-two canvases, all painted – except for the Self-Portrait with a pipe – in Alassio: some on the promenade, others on the hill, including a famous portrait of Italo Calvino, the Sanremese writer who every year visited Villa Levi. There is also a part of Carlo Levi’s Historical Fund, donated to the city of Alassio by Antonio and Silvia Ricci, including agendas, letters, notes, personal memories, sketches and the famous manuscript of the Notebook at Gates of the Turin artist, which chose Alassio as the summer residence between 1929 and 1975.

N. 5/2020 | 25 July 2020